Father of murdered Texas lesbian arrested

Law officials say it appears the two women were killed in the home of James Larry Cosby, father of Britney Cosby

Father of murdered Texas lesbian arrested
14 March 2014

Police have arrested the father of one of the lesbians discovered dead near a Texas dumpster.

James Larry Cosby was charged today, 13 March,  with two counts of evidence tampering in the deaths of Crystal Jackson and Britney Cosby.

As reported by the Galveston County Daily News, law authorities announced the 46-year-old is in jail on a $500,000 (€370,000) bond.

The police added it appears the two women were slain in the suspect’s home. The investigation is ongoing and charges could be upgraded to murder.

The couple, both 24, were found at around 7.30am, on 7 March, in Port Bolivar by a beer deliveryman taking out some trash.

Port Bolivar is located in Galveston County, approximately 50 miles from Houston.

Relatives say the pair went to Galveston for Mardi Gras.

The women had been living together for two years, raising Jackson’s five-year-old daughter.



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