Father sets his son on fire for being gay in Peru

A young man had over half of his body burnt after his father grew tired with neighbors abusing his son for being gay

Father sets his son on fire for being gay in Peru
17 April 2013

A father tried burn to death his young son after learning he was gay, HIV positive and diagnosed with TB.

Forty-eight year-old Hitler Baneo Nuñez sprayed his son with gasoline and set him a light after getting tired from continual abuse by neighbors towards his son for being gay, revealed a recent report by the daily La Región.

The 22 year-old known by his initials RBP travelled from the small community of Bagazan, located in the remote Peruvian Amazon region of Loreto, to the city of Iquitos where he filed a complaint in the local police station.

RBP’s suffered severe burns to over half of his body, with particularly grave injury to his face, arms and parts of his legs.

According to him had the neighbors not intervened, he would have been burnt to death.

The young man recounted that his father not only wanted to kill him for being gay, but also after learning that was HIV positive and was suffering from TB.

‘My dad wanted me to kill for having these diseases, but my aunt who took me from my father’s house and brought me to Iquitos to admitting me in the sanctuary "Something Beautiful for God," where I’ve been since 1 March.

‘Unfortunately my dad does not accept me as I am,’ said the young gay man.

However, the paper reported that the ‘reason’ why the father got so enraged at his son was because he allegedly ‘infected family members and neighbors’, knowing that he was the carrier.



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