Filipino gay party renews bid for Congress


LGBT party Ang Ladlad hopes to win at least two seats in the Filipino mid-term polls next year

Filipino gay party renews bid for Congress
19 May 2012

The reportedly only LGBT political party in the world has attempted once again to win seats in the Filipino mid-term polls next May.

As Ang Ladlad filed its petition for accreditation yesterday (18 May), Danton Remoto, chair emeritus for the party-list group whose name means ‘coming out’, revealed he is also negotiating with two or three parties for a slot in their senatorial slate, reported the Inquirer News.

‘I don’t want to run but people are asking me to do so,’ said the professor-cum-poet. ‘We will finalize it in the next few weeks.’

Remoto has made clear President Aquino’s Liberal Party is ‘definitely’ not under consideration. He blames his unsuccessful run for the Senate two years ago on the LP, which ate on its words and excluded him from its slate.

Ladlad will have to hand in additional documents on Monday for its manifestation to run in the 2013 polls to complete.

Bemz Benedito, Ladlad’s chairperson and first congressional nominee, says the Supreme Court has already accredited Ladlad when the former overturned in 2010 the Commission on Elections’ (Comelec) denial to grant an accreditation.

In the 2007 and 2010 elections, the Comelec denied Ladlad’s registration — for insufficient membership and being ‘immoral’, respectively.

Established in 2003, Ladlad fights for equal rights among all Filipinos, be they LGBT or not. It currently has more than 60,000 members, all registered voters.

Its platforms include support for the passage of an anti-discrimination bill, setting up of livelihood centers for poor LGBTs and persons with disabilities; support for LGBT-friendly businesses; establishing homes for the aged LGBTs as well as centers for information dissemination on legal, psychological and HIV-AIDS issues.

The Ladlad leaders are confindent of securing at least two seats in the House with the help of the estimated 4-million LGBT community. It needs at least 1.5 million votes to secure at least one seat , but failing that, the party will be delisted as a party-list group in accordance with the election law, according to the Inquirer News.



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