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First gay kiss airs on a Brazilian soap opera

Brazilian TV show Amor à Vida has become the country’s first soap opera to include a kiss on the mouth between two gay characters after fans of the show campaigned for it
Felix and Niko
Photo by Rede Globo

Brazilian soap Amor à Vida (Love Life) has become the first to depict a passionate kiss between two gay characters after fans campaigned for characters Felix and Niko have a proper kiss.

Previously Felix (played by actor Matthew Solano) and Niko (played by actor Thiago Fragoso) had only hugged or kissed each other on the cheek but that wasn’t enough for fans who turned to social media - making the hashtag #BeijaFélixeNiko (KissFelixAndNiko) the top trending hashtag in Brazil for a while.

Fans got their way and Felix and Niko kissed and embraced passionately in the show’s final episode.

Felix and Niko’s plot line in the series followed Felix and his partner moving back to his family's beach house in order to care for his homophobic father Caesar after he has been disabled by a stroke and Caesar’s struggle to accept his son’s sexuality.

Caesar rejected Felix and Niko throughout the series despite their taking care of him but in the final minutes of the series Caesar admitted that he loved his son despite his prejudices.

The show aired on Rede Globo – the most watched TV network in Brazil and the second most watched worldwide after America’s ABC network.

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