First gay male to compete on America’s Next Top Model

The modeling reality show innovates by having male and female contestent in their latest cycle

First gay male to compete on America’s Next Top Model
22 February 2013

Popular reality series America’s Next Top Model will have both male and female contestants in its 20th cycle, and it will include a gay guy.

Openly gay Cory Hindorff, a 22-year-old actor and drag queen, will be a contestant.

Hindorff performs as Serena Starr, his drag persona, and has acted in many stage shows and musicals, such as Altar Boyz and Rent.

The new cycle of will show the differant ways men and women act in the modeling industry.

As in previous seasons, the contestants will live under one house. But this time it will have eight men and eight women instead of all girls. 

The show will use social media so fans can influence how the show develops, for example choosing contestant makeovers.

Some have said the change is to revive the show, as the previous cycle had the lowest ratings in the show’s history, at 1.22 million viewers.

LGBT people have frequently taken prominent roles on the show.

While they have never competed, openly gay Jay Manuel and J Alexander have taken prominent roles in mentoring and judging since the first cycle.

Isis King (Cycle 11 and 17 – ‘all-stars’), the first transgender contestant, is now one of the most visible role models and advocates in the media. 

King was scouted by ANTM host Tyra Banks after she appeared as a bankground model in a shoot using real homeless women.

Kim Stolz (cycle 5), the first open lesbian on the show, opened an LGBT-friendly restaurant in New York, ‘The Dalloway’ since the show, and is now a Wall Street trader.

And Laura LaFrate (cycle 18) came out as a ‘true bisexual’ at the beginning of the series and was a runner-up. She is now pursuing a career as a vet.

The new cycle will air in summer 2013.



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