First Italian to get PACS wants to marry again

Journalist Alessio De Giorgi says: 'I think Italian politicians will accept gay marriage only after the discovery of life on Mars'

First Italian to get PACS wants to marry again
16 May 2012

The first man to ever marry his gay partner on Italian soil is now thinking about marrying someone else.

Alessio De Giorgi, editor in chief of LGBT website, told Gay Star News: ‘I’d like to marry my partner Lorenzo. It’s a possibility, we are thinking about it.’

De Giorgi separated from his previous partner, Christian Panicucci, in 2007.

They were the first couple to marry in Italy, in a French PACS ceremony at the French embassy in Rome in 2002. PACS gives some but not all of the rights of marriage and France may now be moving towards same-sex marriage equality under new President François Hollande.

The event was covered by newspapers and television channels all over the world.

De Giorgi added: ‘My first marriage has been a wonderful experience. But, as everything, relationships end too.

‘2002 was a very different era. Now, I think, Italian politicians will accept gay marriage only when we’ll find life on Mars.’

According to journalist and enterpreneur De Giorgi: ‘Italian politicians are not brave. It’s not only a matter of Catholicism. They are not able to deal with people’s problems, in every aspect of life.’

Yesterday (15 May), Italian party IDV (Italia dei Valori, Italy of Values) became the first party to support gay marriage, following US president Barack Obama’s move to back same-sex couples’ equality.

De Giorgi commented: ‘We should not be happy. Italian politicians are doing this only in an imitation effort.

‘They are not able to think independently from the discussions coming from abroad.’ 



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