Five Year Mission wishes George Takei a musical happy 75th birthday

Star Trek icon calls band's performance 'the best birthday video ever'

Five Year Mission wishes George Takei a musical happy 75th birthday
20 April 2012

Star Trek icon George Takei is indeed living long and prospering.

Television's Capt. Sulu turned 75 on Friday (20 April) and the birthday tributes have been pouring in for the openly gay star – including some very unexpected ones.

The band Five Year Mission posted their song Happy Birthday George Takei on YouTube and it did not go unnoticed by the birthday man. Takei posted it in his Facebook page and wrote: 'This may be the best birthday video ever. I'm smiling ear to ear. Thanks, "Five Year Mission.'

Here are some of the lyrics followed by the video itself:

Well, my bandmates call me "Sulu" though I wear a captain's shirt
It's not a term of endearment, but my feelings aren't hurt
Yes, we all know who's captain in the alternate universe
Mr. Takei, today we shall honor your birth

Along with Pavel Chekov, Hikaru Sulu did thrive
As they set phasers on stun at the helm of the Enterprise
So whether raising shields or having new tactics devised
Our favorite helmsman took us for a wild ride

George Takei
We celebrate
The 23rd century's samurai of outerspace
What a guy
Happy birthday
George Takei



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