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Football fan’s anti-gay banner to be investigated by UEFA

At a Arsenal vs Bayern Munich match, fans unfurled a banner with a crude drawing showing a midfielder about to be penetrated by a cannon
Bayern Munich could be fined after fans unfurled a homophobic banner saying 'Gay Gunners'.
Photo via Twitter.

Bayern Munich is to be disciplined by the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) over a homophobic fan's football banner.

The soccer body has confirmed they have opened disciplinary proceedings into how a banner targeting UK club Arsenal was allowed into a Tuesday night match (11 March).

The game, between Bayern Munich and Arsenal, was tarred by a sign branding Arsenal the ‘Gay Gunners’ with a crude drawing of a midfielder about to be penetrated by a cannon.

Bayern Munich could be facing a hefty fine over the offensive image.

In a previous incident, UEFA fined Celtic £42,000 ($69,600, €50,200) in December after a large section of fans displayed an ‘illicit banner’ in their Champions League group stage game against AC Milan at Celtic Park.

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