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Former Arizona sheriff charges Utah gays 'are shoving their agenda down our throats'

Ex-Sheriff Richard Mack goes to Utah to fight against marriage equality
Former Graham County, Arizona, Sheriff Richard Mack
Gage Skidmore

A former sheriff is in Utah fighting against gay marriage.

Richard Mack, who once was sheriff for Graham County, Arizona, spoke at a rally held in Highland, Utah.

'The people of Utah have rights, too, not just the homosexuals. The homosexuals are shoving their agenda down our throats,'  Mack said, as reported by Fox 13 News.

The event was held to protest District Judge Robert J. Shelby's 53-page marriage equality decision. One of the rally's organizers, Cherilyn Eager, suggested  law enforcement authorities stop clerks from issuing certificates to LGBTI couples.

'We need people to stand up and speak out. We need to get noisy. We need some outrage,' Eager said. 'It is about the sheriffs now coming out to protect the people.'

Mack agreed with this tactic.

'The way you take back freedom in America is one county at a time,' the former lawman said.

'The sheriffs need to defend the county clerks in saying, "No, we’re not going to issue marriage licenses to homosexuals,"' Mack continued.

Mack also wants 'homosexuals' not associated with certain institutions.

'We have a right to raise our kids without homosexuals being part of the Boy Scouts, the schools and teachers and doing everything. They can be all that, but don’t shove your agenda down my kid’s throat. We have a right to raise our kids how we want not how you want,' he opined.

Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes has asked the US Supreme Court to restore the state's gay marriage ban.

Below is the Fox 13 News clip:

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As a 59-year-old gay American, I support marriage equality because I also believe in the inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

While I believe in God, I do not believe either in the god of the Hebrew or Christian Bibles. Like the writers of our Constitution, I realize that religion must be separate from government; otherwise, it is nothing more than a form of behavior modification and thought control.

As long as the human species has existed, homosexuality has existed too. Just as some men and some women long to be intimate with one another, some men long to be intimate with other men and some women long to be intimate with other women. This has always been the case throughout human history, and the reason why is because it is innate.

We are living in a time when the earth cannot support the existence of all its human inhabitants. Our planet cannot sustain, cannot feed all of the children that have been born. Homosexuality is a totally natural means of birth control. It has been used for that purpose for millions of years by ancient cultures all across the world.

As a gay man, I know that I have special gifts to offer the world. My love, for example, is very rich. If you reject marriage equality, then you reject love too. The world is in fact in desperate need of my love and the love of gay and lesbian people in general.