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Former Fear Factor host Joe Rogan calls gay marriage opponents ‘weak-ass b#tches’

Joe Rogan, currently a commentator with the Ultimate Fighting Championship, has called male opponents of marriage equality ‘weak-ass b#tches’ in slamming people who want to interfere in other people’s lives
Joe Rogan
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US comedian Joe Rogan has slammed opponents of same-sex marriage as ‘stupid’ saying guys who oppose it are ‘weak-ass b#tches posing as men’ for being so uncomfortable and insecure about other people’s sex lives.

‘What, are you a tough guy because you care that two guys want to kiss each other?’ Rogan said on his podcast two days ago.

‘What ... is wrong with you? It’s just so stupid. It’s such a dumb thing to get behind.’

Rogan, currently a sports commentator for the Ultimate Fighting Championship mixed martial arts league, made the comments on his The Joe Rogan Experience podcast while reminiscing about how the father of a childhood friend had become so enraged when he had heard about the idea of gay people being allowed to marry that he had screamed and shouted, thumped the table, and thrown his newspaper around the room.

Rogan said even at age 11 he realized that it was completely ridiculous behavior for a grown adult to engage in about something in someone else’s lives that didn't affect them.

It’s not the first time Rogan has lashed out at opponents of same-sex marriage.

In February last year he tweeted that ‘the only people that don't want gay marriage are stupid or secretly worried dicks are delicious.’

You can watch Rogan make the comments below, but be warned - the video contains strong profanity.

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