Former NFL player Kris Jenkins wants a player to come out

Kris Jenkins makes a rather strange case for an out National Football League athlete

Former NFL player Kris Jenkins wants a player to come out
20 October 2012

Former National Football League player Kris Jenkins made a perplexing defense of an American football athlete coming out.

On 18 Oct. Jenkins was interviewed on the CBS radio show Boomer & Carton. As reported by the blog Outsports, the interview covered many topics including the woes of his previous team the New York Jets. He initially announced ‘somebody needs to just go ahead and come out of the closet in the NFL.’ Then he complained about players wearing pink in support of Breast Cancer Month before returning to out athletes.

‘I think gay people are cool as I don’t know what,’ Jenkins said. ‘I mean, I think some of them are cool. I think some of them, just like everybody else in the world, they take things overboard, and they give, you know, the gays that are taking care of their business and doing things the right way a bad name. But that’s just the same way with football and everything else.’

However, close to the end of this exposition, Jenkins adds he has little patience for the entire ‘gays in the locker room’ complaint.

‘When I was in the locker room, that’s what was so hard about it. The homophobia in the locker room, “Oh well if somebody was gay then I’d be upset.” No you wouldn’t. Sit down.’

Ultimately it seems the only thing the ex-nose tackle cares about is performance on the field, opposed to a teammate’s sexuality.

‘If you’re gay or straight when you step on the football field you should be able to get your butt kicked like everybody else. If you’re gonna step out there then do it.’



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