Former Westboro Baptist Church bigot poses for gay rights campaign

Laura Drain, who left the 'God Hates Fags' church after years of gay hate, has now posed for the NOH8 campaign

Former Westboro Baptist Church bigot poses for gay rights campaign
08 February 2013

A former Westboro Baptist Church member has posed for American gay rights campaign No H8.

Lauren Drain spent years as part of the ‘God Hates Fags’ church, known for picketing soldiers’ funerals.

She posed for the campaign aiming to promote marriage, gender and human equality across America.

Drain writes: ‘The main reason I posed for the NOH8 Campaign was in direct response to the judgments of the WBC.

‘I wanted to show people that despite having grown up within the cult and having spent a good portion of my life on the picket line, holding signs condemning our deceased soldiers, reveling in any and all forms of tragedy and simply striving to be hurtful in the name of God; that the WBC is wrong and what I did at the time was wrong!

‘I now try and lead by example, with love, compassion and an open mind.

‘Having done a complete 180, I still struggle with little things from time to time – but I know in my heart that I am now on the right path.

‘In the end, I think God will judge us all; however I think He wants us all to have the freedom to make our own decisions.

‘Love, Lauren.’

Drain’s declaration follows Megan and Grace Phelps-Roper who controversially left the WBC and apologized for their past this week.



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