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X Factor winner Steve Brookstein wishes gay columnist Dan Wootton had HIV

Steve Brookstein tweets: ‘All those people with HIV and not one of them is called Dan Wootton’
X Factor finalist Steve Brookstein tweeted today lamenting that UK gay columnist Dan Wootton doesn't have HIV.

The first British X Factor winner wishes a Daily Mail columnist had HIV.

Steve Brookstein, who won the first X Factor series in 2004, tweeted today: ‘All those people with HIV and not one of them is called Dan Wootton.'

Wootton is an openly gay entertainment commentator from New Zealand, often appearing on Sky News and Xtra Factor as well as having a column in right-wing tabloid newspaper the Daily Mail.

The apparently unsolicited tweet immediately garnered angry responses from numerous people on the social networking site.

Jo Hemmings, psychologist and relationship expert who appears on Daybreak and This Morning, Tweeted: ‘truly disgusting comment - shame on you!’

Brookstein also tweeted a defense: ‘Instead of having a go at me, go read the sh*t Dan Wootton writes on a daily basis.’

Brookstein responded to another critic saying on Twitter: ‘I have no interest in a bunch of gay men bitching because they see mentioning HIV as an attack on them. It's not your virus.’

Wootton’s response on Twitter: ‘Maybe we should all ignore a former X Factor winner (how the heck did we vote for that!?) desperate for another five minutes of fame!’

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