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Fox News anchor in Ohio who called Rachel Maddow an 'angry young man' returns to air

Tricia Macke had been suspended for two days for Facebook post

Tricia Macke, a news anchor for the Fox affiliate in Cincinatti, Ohio, has returned to the air following a two-day suspension for referring to Rachel Maddow as an 'angry young man.'

Macke made the comment about the MSNBC anchor, who is a lesbian, on her Facebook page last month. When Facebook followers pointed out that the remark was offensive, Macke refused to back down writing defiantly: 'I knew what I was saying.'

But once the Facebook exchange became public last week and the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation and Equality Ohio launched a petition calling on Fox 19 to condemn comments, Macke backed down.

She acknowledged in a statement last Friday that her remarks were 'insensitive and inappropriate' and did not reflect her 'firm beliefs in individual and equal rights.'

The Fox station also issued a statement of apology.

The media website asked longtime Cincinnati Enquirer TV/media/radio reporter John Kiesewetter about Macke's professional reputation prior to the Maddow comment.

'From my view, the Maddow comments were totally out of character,' he said. 'That’s definitely not what she’s known for in the Cincinnati market. ... In my 25 years covering Cincinnati TV/radio, I’ve heard plenty of broadcast news people says plenty of stupid things. But she’s not one of them.'

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