Fox News claims Westboro Baptists are a ‘left-wing’ hate group

Fox News says Westboro Baptist leader Fred Phelps, who thinks Obama is the Anti-Christ, is a Democrat and his church a ‘left-wing cult’

Fox News claims Westboro Baptists are a ‘left-wing’ hate group
27 December 2012 Print This Article

America’s Fox News network has made the extraordinary claim that the Westboro Baptist Church are a left-wing organization.

The claims were made in an online article ‘Bikers Turn Out to Protect Newtown Mourners from Westboro Baptist Church,’ which captioned an image of bikers forming a barricade to prevent church members from picketing the funeral of Sandy Hook Elementary principal Dawn Hochsprung as ‘Bikers turn out to protect Newtown mourners from left-wing Westboro cult.’

The Westboro Baptists had threatened to picket memorial services for victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, which they characterize as God’s punishment for the state of Connecticut legalizing same-sex marriage, but in the end failed to show.

The accompanying article characterized the action by the ‘conservative bikers’ as ‘protect[ing] Newtown mourners from Democrat Fred Phelps and his Westboro cult.’

Westboro’s pastor Fred Phelps supported the Democrats until the mid 90’s when he broke with the party over its support for LGBT rights and a woman’s right to choose. Since then Phelps and his church have consistently denounced Democratic leaders.

In 1997 the Westboro Baptists picketed an inaugural ball held to celebrate US President Bill Clinton’s election to a second term and denounced Vice-President Al Core as a ‘fag pimp.’

A year later the Westboro Baptists picketed his father’s funeral, shouting that Al Gore Snr. was ‘in Hell.’

The Westboro Baptists have claimed that the current Democratic US President Barack Obama is the Anti-Christ and a ‘Hell-bound man’ who ‘lies about God’s word’ and who will lead America to ‘its final destruction.’



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