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Frank Ocean to go off the radar for two years

Grammy-winner plans to write 'in remote locations for the next two years'
Frank Ocean performing at Coachella music festival 2012

Grammy-winner Frank Ocean said in an interview published in the New York Times last week that he plans to write 'in remote locations for the next two years', starting with Shanghai.

As well as music, Ocean said that he has started writing a book. 'It's fiction, and it's about brothers,' he said in the interview.

Ocean's comments indicate that he plans to avoid the limelight after a high profile eight months. Today he tweeted: 'step awayyy from the media'.

Media attention has focused on the singer following his Tumblr-released confession of same-sex love last July, a recent public clash with R'n'B singer Chris Brown and Sunday's Grammy win in the best urban contemporary album category.

Ocean told the New York Times that he doesn't trust journalists and only makes one subtle reference to his 'coming out' during the interview. 'That explicit truth I was talking about probably had the same effect [on me] as heroin does on some people,' he said.

Photographs of British singer Adele seemingly admonishing Brown for snubbing Ocean's win at the Grammys were widely reported today.  

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