Freddie Mercury is the Queen of Lego

Ever wondered what a Lego Freddie Mercury, Quentin Crisp or Grace Jones would look like?

Freddie Mercury is the Queen of Lego
16 November 2012

We will, we will build you! Out of Lego. That’s what Freddie Mercury may have sung if the gay star had known he would be turned into a Lego figure.

Now the Little Artists are using their limited edition Lego portraits of famous faces like the Queen frontman, Quentin Crisp, Grace Jones and Alan Turing to raise money for the fight against HIV.

This November they will be donating 10% of the cash from each Lego portrait they sell to the Terrence Higgins Trust, Britain’s leading sexual health organization which is celebrating its 30th anniversary.

With Lego set to have a bumper year in the Christmas toy charts, these Lego Portraits are the perfect gift for big kids.

Gilbert and George, Harvey Milk, Andy Warhol and the Pet Shop Boys are among the other great LGBT faces that have now been preserved in snap-together plastic.

The Little Artists said: ‘We are passionate about the legacies of the pioneering cultural icons featured in this portrait series, and believe it’s essential their lives and work continued to be recognized and celebrated.

‘We get people saying “my five year old could do that” and we say “great, let them.” The thing which makes our stuff special is the quality.’

All the prints are professionally made but the detail in the photography means they have to use official Lego figures, any painting or fakery would instantly show up.

‘We have a massive wish list we would like to do but some of them don’t quite work out,’ the Little Artists told GSN, ‘so we have shelved them for now and hope new parts come out.’

Genevieve Edwards, director of fundraising at Terrence Higgins Trust, said: ‘The funds raised will go towards projects that either prevent the spread of HIV, or support those already living with the virus.’

Each limited-edition portrait costs £275 ($436 €341), and is a museum-quality, framed, glossy c-type print. Also available are A3 posters of Marilyn Monroe and the Pet Shop Boys for £7 each ($11.10 €8.70) with £1 from each sale in November donated to THT.

For further details, to see the entire range, and arrange purchase and delivery, visit the Little Artists site.

Below are Alan Turing, Grace Jones and Quentin Crisp.



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