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Freedom to Marry group to spend $2 million on marriage equality efforts

Money to be spread between Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Minnesota, New Jersey, and Rhode Island

With six US states in various stages of proposed gay marriage legislation, the equal rights group Freedom to Marry announced Thursday (7 February) that it plans to spend $2 million this year to help the various efforts.

Freedom to Marry is kicking off its 2013 effort by investing $800,000 in efforts in Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Minnesota, New Jersey, and Rhode Island, according to BuzzFeed.

Last year, Freedom to Marry spent $3 million in the historic ballot victories in Maine, Maryland and Washington where marriage equality was passed by voters and in Minnesota where a measure banning same-sex marriage was defeated.

'Building on our 4 for 4 ballot victories in November, Freedom to Marry is calling on supporters to join us in continuing the momentum and winning still more states in 2013,' Freedom to Marry President Evan Wolfson said in a statement.

Wolfson added: 'With the clock ticking on the Supreme Court's review of marriage cases, we want to make as much progress as we can - and with battles already underway now in state capitals, we all need to put our money where our momentum is.'

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