French and UK Christians plan ‘large protest’ against gay marriage

In Paris and London, opponents of same-sex marriage will march in a last-ditch effort against the bill on 24 March

French and UK Christians plan ‘large protest’ against gay marriage
11 March 2013

French and UK Christians are planning a ‘large protest’ against same-sex marriage in London.

Campaign group La Manif pour Tous, who is heading up the demonstration, arranged the rally on 24 March.

On the same date, French people against marriage equality will descend on Paris in a last-ditch effort to stop the ‘Marriage for All’ law happening.

Posted on Christian website The Way, the group says: ‘This is open to anyone who wants to make a stand against this unpopular ungodly law.

‘Many Denominations are gathering together to let it be known that the Government cannot with impunity subvert the sovereignty of our Queen, Elizabeth II, who during her coronation solemnly promised to defend the Christian faith and her ministers.

‘Neither can it assume to declare moral and economic warfare, free of charge, on the productive part of society, families and children of Britain.’

UK-based French protestors, who demonstrated outside the embassy in west London, are now organizing another rally in Trafalgar Square.

The group adds: ‘For far too long Christians have been silent over major reforms and this is the time to make our stand. Just turn up.

‘If you can, bring young children for a family-friendly outing and as a visible sign against the sterile adult-centred nature of same sex marriage.’

In France, the ‘Marriage for All’ bill was adopted in February, aiming to grant equal marriage and adoptions for same-sex couples.

It will now go to France’s Senate before it can be signed into law by President Francois Hollande.



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