French shrinks sign a petition supporting gay marriage

Hundreds of France's leading psychoanalysts signed a petition supporting gay marriage and adoption

French shrinks sign a petition supporting gay marriage
06 November 2012

Over 560 psychoanalysts have signed a petition in favour of gay marriage in France.

The petition stated that there is nothing in psychoanalysis that opposes either marriage or adoption by same sex couples.

‘This evolution in our civil code has finally put France out of touch with nine European countries, thirteen countries around the world and nine American states’, said Laurence Croix, a psychoanalyst and one of the authors of the petition, quoted by RFI.

He also stated: ‘for a long time, since we started seeing [as psychoanalysts] children of gay couples, [its clear] they have no particular pathology, … the same as children brought up by heterosexual couples.’

But what can worry us as clinicians is the shame they [children] can endure, at school or elsewhere…

Thanks to this law project they have, at last, the possibility that the exist [and recognized] in our society.

As psychoanalysts we know how the symbolic importance of such a procedure is important and beneficial.

Olivier Douville, who co-author of the petition, and is the director of the journal Clinical Psychology said: ‘You can search all the advances of psychoanalytic theory and you will not find the slightest argument for stigmatizing homosexuality.

‘I happened to receive children adopted by same-sex couples [as clients], and I did not find that they were suffering more than others.

‘Marriage guarantees certain rights to the child, and on this point I think that children of same-sex couples should enjoy the same rights as the children of heterosexual couples’

Douville also warned against conservative psychoanalysts and stated that ‘psychoanalysis cannot be used as a way to oppose a law that is connected to the equality of rights’.

The petition explains that psychoanalysis should not be used for either moral or guidance [about gay marriage and adoption] purposes.

Those who signed the petition also noted from their own clinical experience of treatment of same sex couples with children that this type of parenting ‘is not any more disruptive than other environments’.

Amongst those who signed the petition is Nicole Ankin, the director of the Sigmund Freud University.

The French government will present its draft bill on gay marriage later this week on Wednesday (7 November).



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