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French Senate law commission backs gay marriage equality

Gay and lesbian marriage equality one step closer and now expected to sail through Senate and become law across France in the summer
French Justice Secretary Christiane Taubira predicts gay marriage will be law by the summer.

The law commission of the French Senate has approved gay marriage bringing the legislation one step closer to becoming law.

The senators approved the text of the equal marriage legislation previously adopted by the deputies of the National Assembly.

The final text of the legislation will now be voted on by the full Senate in 15 days time.

Provided there are no major amendments, the only remaining step after that will be for President François Hollande to sign it into law. Hollande has been a strong advocate of same-sex marriage equality.

Justice Secretary Christiane Taubira said the whole issue is expected to be resolved by the summer.

Franck Zanni, a LGBT rights advocate, told Gay Star News: ‘This is good news and it sounds like the bill will now sail through the Senate without any strong opposition early in April.’

Under the proposed law, medically assisted procreation will not be a right of marriage – either straight or gay – and new legislation will be needed to address this.

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