Full Metal Jacket actor Adam Baldwin compares gay marriage to father-son marriage

US actor Adam Baldwin has taken to twitter to oppose same-sex couples’ right to marry – asking why sons and fathers shouldn’t now marry to avoid higher taxes

Full Metal Jacket actor Adam Baldwin compares gay marriage to father-son marriage
24 February 2014

Adam Baldwin, most famous for his roles in Stanley Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket and Joss Whedon science fiction series Firefly, has turned to Twitter to attack same-sex marriage – suggesting that fathers and sons will use it to get out of paying higher taxes.

‘What’s wrong, now, with a father marrying his son for love & to avoid tax penalties?’ Baldwin tweeted 21 February.

Baldwin had just prior tweeted a link to an article in which a Republican vying to replace Senate Republican Party leader Mitch McConnell in GOP primary runoffs had made similar arguments.

‘If it’s all right to have same-sex marriages, why not define a marriage — because at the end of the day a lot of this ends up being taxes and who can visit who in the hospital … — so a person may want to define themselves as being married to one of their children so that they can then in fact pass on certain things to that child financially and otherwise,’ Republican businessman Matt Bevin said a conservative talk-radio show.

‘Where do you draw the line?’

Both Baldwin and Bevin have said they were not implying incest – just fraud.

Baldwin was heavily criticized by other Twitter users who noted that opposite-sex marriage had not lead to mothers marrying their sons or fathers their daughters to avoid tax penalties.

‘Couldn’t you make that point with a mother and son? How does homosexuality come into it? Slippery slope nonsense,’ Twitter user Tyler Wilde tweeted in response.

‘I know right, because mothers marrying their sons is already such a big problem,’ posted Twitter user R.D.

Baldwin is not related to Alec Baldwin or any of his brothers – one of whom, Stephen Baldwin, is an evangelical Christian and opponent of same-sex marriage who is an ongoing court battle over charges of criminal tax evasion.



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