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Gallup global poll finds 28% of people on Earth think their community is gay friendly

A new poll by the Gallup research group has found that people in the Netherlands think their country is the friendliest to gays and lesbians but Pakistanis and Senegalese people thought their countries were the most hostile
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A global survey of attitudes towards gays and lesbians has found a stark divide between attitudes in Europe and Africa – where even people in countries where homosexuality is not a crime think their communities are not welcoming of gays and lesbians.

Only 28% of those surveyed around the world said they lived in a community that was welcoming of gays and lesbians.

People in the Netherlands were the most likely to report their community was 'a good place to live for gay or lesbian people,’ with 83% agreeing with that statement.

Iceland was the next most gay friendly country, followed by Canada, Spain and the United Kingdom.

Next most gay friendly were Ireland, followed by Belgium, Australia, Malta and Uruguay.

The least friendly European countries to gays and lesbians were Albania, with only 3% saying their community was welcoming to them, followed by Moldova and Kosovo where 7% of the peopled survey said gays and lesbians were welcome – lower than many African nations.

However African and majority Muslim nations were the most hostile as whole regions.

Only 1% of people in Senegal and Pakistan thought their community was welcoming to gays and lesbians, followed by Uganda, Mali, Ethiopia, Indonesia and Afghanistan.

In Mali this was the case despite homosexuality being legal.

South Africans were the most likely people in Africa to report their community was welcoming to gays and lesbians but only 49% of them agreeing that that was the case despite same-sex marriage being legal there.

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