Gary Lucy’s gay character to return as regular in EastEnders

British soap star said after he had a 'taste' of playing a gay character, he couldn't wait to play one again

Gary Lucy’s gay character to return as regular in EastEnders
06 March 2013

Straight soap star Gary Lucy will be back as a regular long-running BBC drama EastEnders as gay character Danny Pennant.

The charming city banker caused a stir last year when he got involved in a love triangle with popular couple Syed and Christian.

Speaking of his EastEnders return, Lucy said: ‘I’m extremely excited to be joining such a fantastic show – one which my family are huge fans of and I grew up watching.

‘I enjoyed the little taster last September and am looking forward to exploring my character further, seeing what’s in store for him and which characters it will involve.’

EastEnders’ executive producer Lorraine Newman added: ‘We are absolutely delighted to reveal that Gary Lucy will be returning to EastEnders. Gary clearly felt at home on the show and his wonderful portrayal of Danny Pennant left us with an intriguing character to explore – it really was only a matter of time before he returned. ‘

Known for starring in Footballer’s Wives as a womanizing professional soccer player, and being raped by a gang of thugs in another British soap Hollyoaks, Lucy has said he was up for playing more gay roles.

He said: ‘Now I’ve had a taste of playing a gay character in EastEnders, I definitely wouldn’t be opposed to playing one again.

‘It’s something completely different and I’m glad I ticked that box.’

Lucy will return on British television screens in June.



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