Gay actor Tuc Watkins shows off his twins

One Life to Live star is newly out and a new dad

Gay actor Tuc Watkins shows off his twins
29 April 2013

Actor Tuc Watkins appeared on Marie Osmond’s Hallmark Channel talk show in an episode that aired Monday (29 April) and shared with the audience a photo of himself with his twins.

Watkins became dad to son Curtis (left) and daughter Catchen (right), who were born via surrogate, four months ago.

The actor, best known for his comedic roles on the soap opera One Life to Live and ABC’s Desperate Housewives, has waited until now to open up about being gay.

He told Osmond: ‘When I was young there were three things I knew three things: I knew I was gay, I knew one day I was going to be a dad and I knew Gene Wilder’s Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory was going to be the greatest movie of all time.’

He also shared with the host an anecdote about signing up for a class called ‘Bringing Home Multiples’ at a place called Pump Station in Los Angeles.

He was asked on the phone: ‘Will you be bringing your wife?’

Watkins replied: ‘Nope, I’m a single gay dude. I’m doing this by myself.’

The woman on the phone then said: ‘Oh honey, you’re going to need a lot of help. I’m putting you in front row.’



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