Gay American murdered in Mexico, fugitive at large

Angel Javier Segovia Domínguez remains at large as the primary suspect in the murder of Leo Robert Wicard, a Pennsylvania retiree living in Mérida, Yucatan

Gay American murdered in Mexico, fugitive at large
06 June 2012

Four suspects have been arrested for the murder of a gay American in his home in Mexico.

The fifth and primary suspect Angel Javier Segovia Domínguez is still at large.

Domínguez is being charged with stabbing 64-year old Leo Robert Wicard multiple times in the victim’s home in Mérida, Yucatan, prior to partially-burying him in the garden.

Authorities arrested Martín Alejandro Gómez Gómez, 26, Gianri Lorenzo Matos Montalvo, 18, Edward Jesús Gamboa Salas, 36, and David Pérez Moreno, 26, on 25 May (Friday) as accomplices in the murder.

According to news reports from, police discovered the body after arriving to Wicard’s residence for a call about a robbery.

Neighbors called the police to report three men carrying a television from Wicard’s residence at 543-A on 78th street by Rastro Road around 4am. 

Police arrived at the scene to question the suspects, who said they were on their way to pawn the television.

Authorities arrested the suspects and entered the residence, where Wicard’s body was found half-buried in the garden in a state of decomposition.

The suspects had been reportedly living in Wicard’s home for several weeks, even after his death. The suspects told police that Wicard was killed a few days before 13 May.

According to the suspects, Domínguez previously met Wicard in Campeche, a town almost 100 miles from Mérida.

Wicard apparently invited Domínguez to come live with him at his house in Mérida where they maintained a sexual relationship. Shortly after, Domínguez reportedly invited the suspects to live in the house as well.

During questioning, one of the suspects admitted to striking the victim on the nose and inflicting injuries with a fire arm. The suspects informed police that Domínguez stabbed Wicard multiple times. 

The four suspects are currently being detained for 30 days while investigations continue into the cause of the murder.



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