Gay artist pays rainbow tribute to Obama

Welsh artist shows his admiration for President Obama with a very colorful tribute

Gay artist pays rainbow tribute to Obama
06 July 2012

A gay Welsh artist has revealed his latest work – a rainbow style tribute to US President Barack Obama following his support for marriage equality.

Nathan Wyburn, who shot to fame in Britain’s Got Talent for his toast artwork, created the presidential tribute.

It is one of the homages to Obama from gay artists since he became the first sitting US president in history to support marriage equality.

Just at the end of last month, New York artist Tom Vasquez released a rainbow fractal image of Obama which ended up going viral.

Wyburn at the young age of 22 has already produced artwork for big name food brands like Marmite, Costa Coffee and Hovis.

As well as work for food brands, Wyburn’s work is also politically charged. He produced a portrait of Australian media mogul Rupert Murdoch, made out of 5000 alleged phone hacking victims.

A graduate from University of Wales Instititute Cardiff, Wyburn also created a tribute to the British monarchy with his ‘Queen in Toast’, using his established tools of creating art from breakfast.

Wyburn’s YouTube channel, where he records all of his artistic processes, has received over 4 million hits and 18,000 followers.

To find out more about Wyburn’s work, check out his Facebook page.

Here is the video on the making of his Obama portrait:



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