Gay bashed teen kicked out of New Mexico mall for ‘fighting’

A 14 year-old gay teen has reportedly been banned from the shopping mall where a teen called him queer and beat him to the ground

Gay bashed teen kicked out of New Mexico mall for ‘fighting’
02 December 2013

A gay teen who was attacked inside a mall has been banned for over a year from returning to the shopping complex.

Issaic, whose last name has not been released, was filmed in Coronado Mall in Albuquerque, New Mexico getting hit over the head by a 16 year-old so hard he fell to the ground.

According to Issaic, what started off as an online argument between friends resulted in a physical attack caught on a friend’s mobile phone.

Issaic told local news KOB Eyewitness News 4 we was targeted ‘partially’ because he is gay.

According to Issaic, his attacker had been provoking a fight, calling him queer and other gay slurs.

‘He just didn’t like me being gay,’ said Issaic of his attacker.

‘I’m used to it, but I’m just like, “Why would you want to fight someone over that?’”

After both teenagers were confronted by mall security for the altercation, mall management has reportedly banned both teens from the mall for ‘fighting’.

Issaic said: ‘I got banned for fighting, but I didn’t even fight. I just got hit.’

He said now that the video has gone viral, his attacker has changed his tune and wants to be friends.

Issaic said: ‘He hit me, he posted it, he thought it was funny, and whenever it actually goes viral, then he wants to try to be my friend again.’

Issaic revealed he will not be pressing charges because of the attack, but does hope the mall ban will be lifted.

‘It shouldn’t happen, but it did,’ said Issaic. ‘I can’t change it, I mean, it’s life.’

Coronado Mall representatives were unavailable for comment.



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