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Gay basketball star to offer advice at taster session

John Amaechi to hold court with London Cruisers
John Amaechi will join London Cruisers for their basketball taster session
Greg Hernandez

Former NBA player John Amaechi will offer his expertise to budding basketball players at the London Cruisers' free taster session as part of Out for Sport week on Friday.

The gay Commonwealth bronze medalist will be on hand at the team’s free taster session to offer training tips and advice.

The event, part of Out for Sport week, is designed to get more people involved in sporting clubs and teams across the UK capital and the men’s team are calling on anyone who would like to give the sport a try to come along.

Amaechi will also join the rest of the Out for Sport teams on Saturday evening (18 August) for an end of week social at Soho nightclub Shadow Lounge.

In 2007, John became one of the most high-profile athletes to come out publicly  through his memoirs ‘Man in the Middle’. He currently works as a psychologist, educator and broadcaster.

Out for Sport spokesman Rory Desch said: ‘John’s involvement is bound to add to the sense of excitement and I’m sure that the current and new taster session members will benefit from his advice, training tips and the previous experiences John shares.’

London Cruisers run gay men’s and gay women’s basketball teams playing in London and international tournaments.

More information can be found on their facebook page.

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