Gay bear comedy series premieres this August

Where the Bears Are, a new  comedy web series starring three gay bear roommates will be released online on 1 August

Gay bear comedy series premieres this August
03 July 2012

From a creative team of experienced TV makers comes a comedy mystery web series following the exploits of three gay bear roommates in Los Angeles.

Dubbed as: ‘Part Murder She Wrote and part Golden Girls,’ the series follows the hairy roommates attempts to solve the murder of a party guest who turns up dead in their bathroom.

The story is a romp through LA’s trendy neighbourhood of Silver Lake, and whose mystery eventually reaches its climax in the desert outside Palm Springs.

Where the Bears Are has been written by Rick Copp (The Brady Bunch Movie), directed Joe Dietl (The Thin Pink Line), and produced by Ben Zook (Jack and Jill). The cast of the show includes Ian Parks, Chad Sanders, Mario Diaz, Scott Beauchemin, Jesse Meli and James Parr.

Guest stars in the series include : Tuc Watkins (Desperate Housewives) and comedians: Jackie Beat, Bruce Daniels and Shawn Pelofsky.

‘There’s a lot of hot eye candy in the show, as well as romance thrown in too,’ said director Joe Dietl. ‘We had an amazing crew and a really funny, sexy, terrific cast, and I think people will be shocked at the quality of the series considering its low budget.’

‘Obviously the gay bear community is our target audience,’ added Rick Copp. ‘But, the show really appeals to all gay people and even straight audiences, too. Like I said, it’s The Golden Girls meets Murder She Wrote, who wouldn’t love that?’

The series consists of 26 three-to-four-minute episodes and will premiere online on 1 August at

For more updates and behind the scenes coverage of the series you can become a fan on Facebook or Twitter. See the trailer here:

WhereThe Bears Are – Official Trailer from Where the Bears Are on Vimeo.



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