Gay beauty queen against trans in Miss Universe

Miss Gay Philippines Universe says beauty pageants are for 'real women' only

Gay beauty queen against trans in Miss Universe
16 April 2012

A gay beauty queen from the Philippines is the latest to oppose the inclusion of transgender women in the Miss Universe contest.

Eriz Lanseta, winner of the Miss Gay Philippines Universe pageant last March, said only 'real women' who can bear children and agive birth should be allowed to compete in the international competition.

Lanseta's comments, which the Sun Star newspaper reported were made during a radio interview, were made in response to the Miss Universe Organization's decision to allow transgender women to compete.

The policy change followed a wave of negative publicity surrounding the temporary banning of transgender Miss Universe Canada finalist Jenna Talackova.

Lanseta, who will be representing the Philippines in the Miss Queen International contest in Thailand in November, questioned how transgender entrants could answer the question 'what is the essence of being a woman?' and urged transgender women to respect beauty contests which are designed for 'naturally born women' only.

Last week, a former Miss Universe finalist from the Philippines, also said transgender contestants should be banned from the beauty pageant because they are not real women.

Miriam Quiambao, runner-up in 1999, tweeted her disgust, saying the policy change sent 'the wrong message'.



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