Gay British bar owner falls to his death in Thai beach resort

Timothy Bertram Durell who had stakes in two gay bars in Pattaya, Thailand, is thought to have committed suicide

Gay British bar owner falls to his death in Thai beach resort
26 December 2012

A gay British owner has apparently jumped to his death from an apartment block in the beach resort of Pattaya, Thailand.

Timothy Bertram Durell, aged 63, was a well-known figure in the resorts gay red light district – Boyztown. He had been involved in charity fundraising.

He was a partner in the Panorama bar and Funny Boys, both in Boyztown.

But local reports suggested he had ‘insoluble financial problems’ including a large number of debts to friends he couldn’t repay. And he was said to have appeared depressed in recent months.

He fell to his death on 8 December from the ninth floor of Center Condo in South Pattaya. The incident has only now been widely reported in Thai media.

His own apartment is on the second floor and it is thought he went up to the ninth level to take his own life.

Police say that several factors point to Durell having committed suicide. Fingerprints were found on the balcony and he apparently left several letters to people. There was no sign of fighting or theft from his apartment.

The British Embassy was notified of his death.



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