Gay Britons ready to carry Olympic torch

The official countdown to the Olympic Games in London has begun with a torch relay in Greece and the UK

Gay Britons ready to carry Olympic torch
11 May 2012

Four gay Britons are preparing to carry the Olympic torch along its route around the UK, as the iconic flame is finally lit in Greece.

In a traditional ceremony yesterday (10 May), the flame was lit by the rays of the sun at the Temple of Hera, next to the historic ruins of the home of the ancient Olympic Games.

The torch will now be taken on an eight-day relay around Greece before travelling to the UK on 18 May, where it starts its 70-day journey around the country the next day (19 May), finally arriving in London in time for the games’ opening ceremony on 27 July.

Trevor Burchick, 51, Jason Bromley, 32, Tim Sullivan, 51, and 33-year-old Chris Basiurski have all been chosen to carry the iconic torch along its route in Britain because of their contributions to LGBT sport and arts.

Burchick, who will be carrying the flame through the town of Stockport in the north of England on 24 June, was nominated for the honor because of his work in encouraging more lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people to take part in over 30 different sports by founding social enterprise Pride Sports.

He told Gay Star News he is excited about being a torchbearer, but never gets nervous.

‘I’m waiting to receive my uniform for the day so I can make sure I have the right trainers to match,’ he joked.

He added: ‘I only have to carry the torch for about 300 meters, so maybe I’ll do a funny dance or run around in circles or something.

‘It’s a really great honor to take part in an event like this. It really is a once in a lifetime opportunity.’

See the Olympic flame being lit below.



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