Gay celebrities take to Twitter to praise Michelle Obama convention speech

Anderson Coooper: 'I’ve never heard such a well delivered speech by a first lady ever'

Gay celebrities take to Twitter to praise Michelle Obama convention speech
05 September 2012

Michelle Obama made quite an impression on gay celebrities who were filled with praise for the US First Lady after her widely-praised speech at the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday (4 September).

‘I’ve never heard such a well delivered speech by a first lady ever,’ tweeted Anderson Cooper who is anchoring convention coverage for CNN.

Singer Ricky Martin was even more effusive in his praise: ‘Such a beautiful and powerful speech!!! Real! Honest! Emotional! Passionate! Thank you First Lady @MichelleObama.’

Mrs. Obama made several references to LGBT equality in her speech. Here are other reactions from famous members of the LGBT community:

Transgender activist and author Chaz Bono: ‘1st night was great, the 1st lady’s speech was amazing. The difference between the parties is so clear. My choice is

Broadway and television star Andrew Ranells: ‘GD I love Michelle Obama! Well done, First Lady! Well done!’

Comedianne Sandra Bernhard: try and top that my friends she brought the love @MichelleObama #dnc2012

Activist and columnist Dan Savage: ‘Holy shit. Not just a reference to "who they love, ‘but Michelle put us at the altar.’ That’s gonna wind up in NOM videos.

Actor Darryl Stephens: ‘s speech could not have been more moving or more beautiful. I am so proud to call her my First Lady. (I’m an emotional mess.)

Broadway star Rory O’Malley: My god was amazing!!!!!!

Broadway, TV and film star Cheyenne Jackson: Preach mama! #DNC. Dayum.

TV personality Carson Kressley: I love that was wearing a 450 dollar made in the usa dress by at the last night.



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