Gay celebs have praise for Bill Clinton’s convention speech

Andy Cohen: 'I just went to the church of Clinton and I’m saying AMEN!'

Gay celebs have praise for Bill Clinton’s convention speech
06 September 2012

Former US President Bill Clinton’s lengthy speech at the Democratic National Convention Thursday (5 September) focused more on economic issues than social issues like gay marriage.

But plenty of LGBT celebrities took to the twitterverse after the speech to offer effusive praise of Clinton.

Leading the pack was Bravo television executive and Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen who wrote: ‘I just went to the church of Clinton and I’m saying AMEN! That was something. #RockStar.’

Star Trek actor Zachary Quinto remarked in his tweet that ‘there was more specificity in bill clinton’s speech tonight than in the entire three days of the RNC. so grateful for his intellect!’

Noah’s Arc star Darryl Stephens and transgender author and activist Chaz Bono echoed that sentiment.

‘Bill Clinton breaks it down like no one else. I voted for him for my first election and I would vote him back into office in a heartbeat,’ wrote Stephens. Bono tweeted: ‘Clinton really knocked it out of the park with his speech last night! He broke down complicated issues and made them crystal clear.’

CNN anchor Don Lemon, who is not covering the convention, also weighed in: ‘To all repubs, dems & in between. This is how you give a speech!! Love him or hate him #BillClinton commands attention.’

Others were more succinct in their praise.

Broadway and TV star Cheyenne Jackson: ‘President Clinton = rock star.’

Country singer Chely Wright: ‘President Clinton is a wise teacher.’

Broadway star Rory O’Malley: ‘That was so money!!!!!’

Actor BD Wong: ‘#GoBubbah’



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