Gay celebs have tweetfest over Lindsay Lohan’s Liz and Dick flick

Alan Cumming, Lance Bass, BD Wong and others weigh in

Gay celebs have tweetfest over Lindsay Lohan’s Liz and Dick flick
26 November 2012

Bisexual actress Lindsay Lohan’s portrayal of screen icon Elizabeth Taylor in the television movie Liz and Dick drew pans from critics but gay celebrities seemed to have a rollicking good time with it on Twitter.

BD Wong, the Tony Award winning actor (M Butterfly) best known for his long-running roles in Law & Order: SVU and OZ, was among those who live-tweeted throughout the airing of the film on the Lifetime network on Sunday (25 November).

‘After shooting, I believe Lindsay Lohan was heard to say, "OH! I thought it was about Elizabeth BERKLEY!’ Wong tweeted.

The film focused on the epic romance of Taylor and Richard Burton who scandalously fell in love while making Cleopatra in 1962 and went on to marry and divorce each other twice and help usher in today’s paparazzi culture.

While Grant Bowler seemed to be a passable Burton, Lohan was universally panned in the twitterverse.

Alec Mapa, the comic actor best known for his recurring role of Suzuki St. Pierre on Ugly Betty, at one point wrote: ‘She’s not playing Elizabeth Taylor. She’s trick or treating as her.’

Later he added: ‘I’ve had Indian Food farts that didn’t stink this bad.’

Actor Peter Paige, best known for his role on the US version of Queer as Folk, thought it was so bad he couldn’t sit through it tweeting: ‘I made it through nine minutes of LIZ & DICK.’

Tony winner Alan Cumming, currently starring on CBS’s The Good Wife, missed the entire movie but seemed to immediately have regrets: ‘Judging by my twitter feed, I might be the only self-respecting queer not to have seen Liz and Dick.’

Lance Bass watched the movie with other celebrities including Glee star Chris Colfer and Jai Rodriguez of ABC’s Malibu Country at a viewing party held at Kathy Griffin’s house in Los Angeles.

‘Is it sad that I just ran thru the airport like I was in Home Alone just so I don’t miss much of #LizandDick?’ Bass tweeted while on his way to the party.

From the psrty he tweeted: ‘@kathygriffin has written two years worth of material for her next shows- and it’s only half over!’

Griffin did indeed seem to be collecting gems for her next stand-up comedy special (she is taping one for Bravo this weekend) as she tweeted throughout the movie.

Among them:

– ‘Lindsay/Liz jewelry store scene = awkward.’

– ‘Richard Burton just called Liz’s fingers "pudgy digits". The "n word" of its day. Edgy.’

– ‘I’m BORED" says Lindsay/Liz. Well I’m NOT. However says that line is his new ringtone.’

– Whenever Richard Burton talks Lindsay Lohan clearly hears "hdusgjhhsushmbg"

The film got decent ratings attracting 3.5 million viewers in tghe US. That made it Lifetime’s fourth-highest rated movie of 2012 behind Steel Magnolias,Drew Peterson: Untouchable, and Abducted: The Carlina White Story.



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