Gay Chevrolet Volt ad goes viral

Over 11 million people have viewed the car advert originally designed for Detroit Gay Pride

Gay Chevrolet Volt ad goes viral
19 July 2012

When General Motors created a Chevrolet Volt advert for the gay market, they could never have guessed it would go viral.

The advert was created for Between The Lines, a newspaper for gays and lesbians in Michigan, to celebrate the Detroit Gay Pride held in June.

It shows a tagline of a Volt car saying to two larger cars: ‘Mom, Dad, I’m electric’.

Underneath the rainbow line, the text says: ‘So whatever revs your engine, we support you 100%.

‘Happy Motor City Pride from the entire Chevrolet family.’

Reportedly published with a total cost of $750 (£479, €611), the advert has been viewed 11 million times through social media.

Magazine co-publisher Jan Stevenson told the Detroit Free Press the advert’s success was a good omen.

She said: ‘They put their toe in the water, and it worked out really, really well. If anyone’s really paying attention to it, they would say, wow this is an untapped market.’

According to the DFP, experts say as the gay community gains more acceptance and the success of the Volt ad could mean more marketing is on the way.

GM spokesman Tom Henderson said: ‘[The Volt ad] told us that this was something worth undertaking when the opportunities present themselves.’

According to a 2011 survey of 200,000 consumers by Maritz Research, gay and lesbian consumers are better educated and make roughly 10% more money than heterosexuals.

Gay and lesbian shoppers are more likely to consider fuel efficient and hi-tech vehicles, according to a 2011 survey of 40,000 LGBT consumers.

It is not the first time car companies have set their sights on the gay market.

A 2012 French advert for the Renault Twingo featured a gay church marriage, with the tagline saying ‘times have changed’.

Check out the advert here:



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