Gay clubbers kick-off summer with festival launch party

Major clubs and DJs lead up to Britain's Summer Rites festival with Jubilee weekend extravaganza

Gay clubbers kick-off summer with festival launch party
03 May 2012

Gay Londoners will mark the Queen’s Jubilee weekend by celebrating the launch of one of the city’s biggest festivals, Summer Rites.

Summer Fusion will be held on 3 June from 10pm to 8am at Invicta Plaza, South Bank.

Clubbers can choose from four major dance tents where hosts will include some of the British capital’s biggest club names: Salvation, Fusion, XXL, Tranny Shack and East Bloc.

The event will be followed by the Summer Rites festival which will return to Shoreditch Park on Sunday 2 September from 12 to 10pm.

Talents from all across London will gather with established dance organisations to embrace the ultimate gay clubbing experience.

The line-up will include internationally renowned DJs, drag legends and the newest breakout clubs.

There will also be a fairground, market stalls and delicious food stands.

Last year’s festival won the Boyz readers’ award for the best outdoor event and organisers are promising that this year will be even better.

Tickets for Summer Fusion are on sale now from all participating clubs

Early £10 tickets for the Summer Rites festival are sold out, but £15 tickets are still available.

Tickets are further information are available on the official site and the festival’s Facebook site



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