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Gay Corrie character Marcus Dent in shock pregnancy storyline

The character of Maria Connor in British soap Coronation Street will fall pregnant from her gay male best friend
Corrie's gay character Marcus Dent will get his best friend pregnant in upcoming episode

A character in British Soap opera Coronation Street is set to become pregnant after a passionate fling with her gay best friend.

Character Maria Connor will discover her pregnancy after a one night stand with male midwife, Marcus Dent.

A Coronation Street source told Britain’s The Mirror newspaper: ‘Both Marcus and Maria have struggled with their emotions for months but deep down there are fires burning inside the two of them – and finally they end up in bed together.’

Audiences have seen the pair growing closer over the last few months as Marcus helped his friend during a breast cancer scare.

The pressure and confusion during the situation resulted in the pair sharing a kiss, luckily stopping before Maria’s boyfriend Jason entered the room.

The episode is due to air in the New Year.

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