Gay couple arrested, fined for kissing in Mexico

Activists will hold public kissing protest in response to ‘violent’ arrest

Gay couple arrested, fined for kissing in Mexico
22 April 2014

Mexican cops abused a gay couple, bundled them into a police van and fined them – just for sharing a kiss.

Jorge, 24, and Alan, 26, were accused of ‘disturbing the peace’ by officers as they kissed on a street corner at around 10pm in La Paz on Sunday (20 April).

The couple claims an officer approached them, called them a homophobic slur, and ordered them to come with him to a police station.

When they refused, the policeman allegedly ‘violently’ forced them into a van and held them at the station for a few hours.

They were released after paying a fine of 300 pesos each ($23, €17).

‘While we know of other cases, this is the first time something like this has happened to us,’ Jorge said, according to local media.

‘Yes, people have shouted ugly things before, but we have never bothered the authorities.

‘We were terrified. The officers who arrested us were homophobic, corrupt liars. We never bothered the public order.’

La Paz police have not responded to the couple’s accusations.

Following hearing the news of the arrest, the local LGBTI group has organized a kiss protest on 17 May – the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia.

Mexico has seen LGBTI rights progress in recent years.

In 2001, a federal law was passed banning discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Same-sex marriage has since been recognized in various states, including the capital of Mexico City.



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