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Gay couple to have sex live on British TV

A gay couple in their 30s is hoping to debunk the myths surrounding the sex lives of gay men in front of a live studio audience
A gay couple is to have sex in front of a live studio audience on British television.
Photo by Channel 4.

A gay couple is to have sex in front of a live studio audience for the first time on British television.

On the Channel 4 show Sex Box, the volunteer couple will be shielded from view in an opaque, sound-proof room attached to a studio, and will emerge to discuss their experiences with sex experts.

The couple, in their 30s, are hoping to bust myths about gay sex.

They will joined by a straight couple in their early 20s who think people do not talk openly enough about sex.

US sex columnist Dan Savage, psychotherapist Phillip Hodson, sexpert Tracey Cox and agony aunt Mariella Frostrup will be on hand to chat to the couples after ther time in the ‘sex box’.

The programme will form part of Channel 4’s Campaign for Real Sex Season, which will begin on 30 September.

Ralph Lee, the broadcaster's head of factual, said: ‘The explosion of online pornography is one of the stories of our time and the Campaign for Real Sex season is our response to it.

‘Sex Box absolutely intends to be an open and adult conversation about sex, something we feel is currently being overlooked by mainstream programming.’

David Glover, senior factual commissioning editor, is hoping Sex Box will open up honest discussions about sex and the role is plays in relationships.

He said: ‘It is a rather mischievous, fun idea that actually allows sex to be completely private but the conversation to be truthful and immediate.’

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With the wide range of sexual behavior in the gay community exactly what myths are they planning to dispell?

Irrespective of how much they try and sanitise this stunt to make it acceptable for mainstream television, it will be extremely damaging to the gay, lesbian & transgender and intersex rights movement.

The reason why is because it is over sensationalising sex and this is the one thing many straight people in society struggle to try and get their heads around as it is.

No offence to gay people, but I know if I watch this, I would feel sick to the stomach just knowing what these two guys will most likely be doing behind that screen, and I am sure that I will not be the only one that would feel that way and shares my opinion on this issue.

So I fail to see how this will de-mystifiy anything about gay sex, instead, it will just leave the viewers feeling even more disgusted, further stigmatising the whole LGBTI rainbow family.

So I think we should be demystifying the diversity of SEX & GENDER in Human Beings to demonstrate that we are NOT "a pack of sick & sexually depraved animals"!

If people want to see real gay porn there is lots of it on the internet as it is, we DON'T need to be ramming this down other people's throats on mainstream TV!

Melody Moore - Founder
Trans Health Australia

I don't understand. Don't we all have a good idea what people do in bed? Porn is different from the way average people have sex. I just don't understand the point in the experiment. Can't it be discussed without this sex box? If the couple is comfortable with it that's their business. I just can't imagine doing something like that. It will be interesting.