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Gay couples giving homes to nearly half of Flanders' adopted kids

Six years after Belgium allowed homosexuals to adopt, 14 out of 30 children were given to gay couples
Bruges in the Belgian Flemish area. Nearly half of the children born in Belgium and adopted by Belgian families went to same-sex couples.
Photo by Josep Renalias

Gay couples are giving homes to almost half of adopted children in the Flanders area of Belgium.

The Flemish Center for Adoptions announced today (23 January) in 2012, 14 children went to gay couples and 16 went to straight ones.

By law, Belgian mothers are allowed to stop adoptions if they do not approve of the hopeful family.

A FCA spokesman said the numbers show the organizations in charge of adoptions are thinking without prejudice.

'They also show us that the children’s mothers don’t think that a gay couple is worse than a straight one,' he said.

No gay couples adopted any of the 122 children which were brought to Flanders from other countries, typically China, Ethiopia and South Africa. 

The FCA said this is because of the international opposition to gay couples adopting children.

In 2006, Beligum allowed same-sex couples to adopt children from other countries, as well as have access to IVF treatment.

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