Gay dating app Grindr swaps sex for politics during US election

Grindr to send messages to US users encouraging them to vote for equality during November's presidential election

Gay dating app Grindr swaps sex for politics during US election
07 September 2012

Gay sex app Grindr has joined the race to the White House, urging its 1.5 million users to vote in the upcoming US presidential elections.

The geosocial networking app for gay and bisexual men looking for casual sex will be sending a political message to people who log on during America’s national ballot which will see current Democrat president Barack Obama go head to head with Republican Mitt Romney.

Grindr for Equality is described as a ‘call to action’, informing gay men in the United States about the issues, urging them to vote for candidates based on those issues to have a ‘decisive impact’ when the country goes to the polls on 6 November.

‘We must elect not only a president but representatives and senators who are supportive of our community and our equality,’ said Joel Simkhai, founder and CEO of Grindr.

‘Local elections have national impact, so we want to use Grindr as a tool for mobilizing and connecting gay men around the country to help make a combined national impact.’

In a statement on its website, Grindr says gay men won’t be heard unless they vote and will therefore alert users to current gay rights issues and campaigns happening in their own state.

‘All elections are won or lost on the local level,’ Simkhai added.

‘There is no election or town too small to have a gay voice. We’ll use Grindr to unite gay men across the country, make that voice grow louder and have a nationwide impact.’



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