Gay disability film Morgan hopes to inspire

Gay film tells the story of an athlete who suffered a tragic sports accident, and has to start his life over again

Gay disability film Morgan hopes to inspire
06 September 2012

As the Paralympics continues to show off real-life superhumans who have battled against adversity to display their talents, a new drama is hoping to inspire as well.

Morgan tells the story of a young athlete who is faced with adapting to his new identity as a paraplegic after a tragic sports accident.

Filmmakers Michael Akers and Sandon Berg were inspired when they were casting another independent film, and a man who responded to the ad was in a wheelchair.

Although he was unsuitable for the role, they asked wheelchair user about dating and relationships.

‘In the already body conscious gay community, he had to fight even harder to get others to see the person he really is,’ Akers told Gay Star News.

The film has already won six awards, including four jury prizes and two audience awards such as Best Feature from the Sacramento International Gay And Lesbian Film Festival.

Akers said they interviewed paraplegic gay men, saying: ‘We want to enlighten but we also want to entertain. ‘

‘What we ended up focusing on was the journey of self-acceptance, which we feel is universal,’ he said. ‘We all have something about ourselves that we wish we could change.’

Akers believes as the Paralympics are becoming more popular, there is a growing audience for stories about people with disabilities.

He said: ‘Accepting themselves is a large part of their journey, and is an amazing testament to their strength of character.’

When asked why people should see the film, the director said: ‘The film is inspiring and uplifting, and you deserve to give it a chance.

‘It’s a beautiful, romantic story and the chemistry between the handsome leading men is electric. Try it, you’ll like it!’

Morgan will be out on DVD from 23 October, and will be available in presales through and TLA Video.

Check out the trailer here:



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