Gay DJ Grimshaw kicks Strictly Come Dancing’s Louis Smith in face

UK Radio 1 breakfast show host Nick Grimshaw whacks Olympic gymnast Louis Smith in face because he 'fancies him'

Gay DJ Grimshaw kicks Strictly Come Dancing’s Louis Smith in face
29 October 2012

As if a grilling from acerbic judge Craig Revel Horwood wasn’t a kick in the teeth enough, Strictly Come Dancing star Louis Smith was booted in the face by gay British Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw.

The Olympic gymnast was taken by surprise when the former TV host tried to impress him with his athletic skills during a visit to the BBC studios, reported STV.

Grimshaw said: ‘Louis Smith was on, who I love, and I was showing him my stomach, and he was like, "Errr…" and I was like, "I’ll do a handstand for you". And I kicked him in the face.

‘I think if I fancy someone, I’m no good at it.’

Smith is currently a favorite to win the celebrity TV talent show, topping the leader board on Saturday night’s Halloween themed show with his scary zombie dance.

Grimshaw replaced Chris Moyles on Radio 1’s coveted breakfast slot and has defended his predecessor despite accusations of homophobia.

He told Attitude magazine: ‘You say stuff on radio, and radio is kind of theatre and in jest and stuff.

‘Chris Moyles is camper than me. He’s not homophobic. He’s got loads of gay friends, and Aled Jones works on his show and Chris is my friend.

‘But I think those things get exaggerated in the press. One little comment that you say is turned into a headline.’

Watch Louis Smith’s performance on Strictly Come Dancing below:



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