Gay elementary school principal in Oregon loses job, district will not say why

Tom Klansnic believes he is being discriminated against and may sue

Gay elementary school principal in Oregon loses job, district will not say why
08 March 2013

After nearly 10 years on the job, an elementary school principal in Oregon is losing his job and he and his supporters believe it is because he is gay.

Tom Klansnic says he had no problems with the Gresham Barlow School District until 2010 when he and his wife divorced and he came out as gay.

He says the district in Gresham, Oregon, has not told him why they are letting him go at the end of the school year.

Klansnic’s attorney tells Komo News that she believes the district is discriminating against Klansnic because he is gay.

‘Mr. Klansnic went through a divorce and he revealed openly that he was gay,’ says attorney Judy Snyder. ‘Mr. Klansnic went through a divorce and he revealed openly that he was gay. And his relationship with the distict changed almost immediately.’

A group of parents is standing by the school principal.

‘You know that’s what we’re trying to teach (our kids). That we all stand up together,’ parent Denise McCloud tells the news station.’That we all need to be looking out for each other. That we have each others’ back.’



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