Gay honour killing inspires new Turkish movie

Zenne Dancer reveals the 'violence and discrimination faced by Turkey’s LGBT community'

Gay honour killing inspires new Turkish movie
13 January 2012

Sexual identity and homophobia in modern-day Turkey are brought to the fore in ZENNE Dancer, a new film directed by Caner Alper and Mehmet Binay.

Drawing inspiration from the 2008 killing of Abmet Yildiz, the film is representative of 'the systematic violence and discrimination faced by Turkey’s LGBT community'.

A close friend of both directors, who publicly came out as a gay couple on the night of the premier, Yildez was fatally injured after being attacked while leaving a cafe near the Bosphorus strait. Court records have identified Yildez' father as the main suspect.

The 26-year-old was studying physics and had represented his country in a LGBT gathering in San Francisco in 2007. His death garnered a lot of attention, with activists marching in Istanbul Pride carrying placards with the slogan 'get the murderer'.

Yildez' father, now a fugutive, has yet to be caught by police.

Dan Littauer, executive editor of Gay Middle East and a Gay Star News contributor, said: 'It was the first publicised gay so-called "honour killing" in Turkey, though not the first for sure. A recent case of a transsexual murdered by her brother has also highlighted the issue.

'The film and cases emphasise the fact that men and transsexuals can also be victims of honour killings – Human Rights Watch defines honour killings as something that happens to women. The movie therefore raises the possibility that the definition and documentation of so-called honour killings needs to be re-examined. Families in Turkey want to protect the “reputation” of their name and so rarely this is reported to the authorities who also turn a blind eye.  As such, cases are reported as other incidents.

'The Turkish government is gradually opening up on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues. But LGBT rights are still not part of Turkish law, and there is even less in terms of anti-discriminatory legislation.

'In the last few years LGBT rights organisations such as KAOS GL, Lambda Istanbul, Pembe Hayat and others have been doing ground breaking work, both in terms of both community support and campaigns for LGBT rights, reaching even Eastern Turkey, beyond the more liberal Western part of the country. These organisations have also managed to work with the Turkish government and even achieve some legal victories.

'LGBT communities and vibrant gay scenes have been developing across Turkey in the last two decades. The country has also become a refuge for LGBT from neighbouring countries, most notably Iran and Iraq. Despite the legal and social difficulties, the country is slowly opening up, yet many problems remain as the movie aptly portrays.'

ZENNE Dancer tells the story of three men: Can (Kerem Can) an openly gay male belly dancer or 'Zenne', Daniel (Giovanni Arvaneh) a German war photographer and Ahmet (Erkan Arvaneh), a boy from eastern Turkey who struggles to cope with his repressive, conservative family.

The film was shot in Istanbul, Turkey and Kabul, Afghanistan on an estimated budget of €1.2million ($1,5million).



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