Gay icon Lady Gaga more powerful than the Queen?

Born This Way singer beats British monarch in Forbes' list of world's most powerful women, along with Ellen DeGeneres and Angelina Jolie

Gay icon Lady Gaga more powerful than the Queen?
23 August 2012

Gay icon Lady Gaga is more powerful than the Queen of England, according to the latest list by Forbes magazine.

The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women list puts the Born This Way singer at number 14, while Nobel Peace Prize winning Burmese pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi and Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II tailed behind at 19 and 26 respectively.

Notable lesbians to also make the cut include US chat show host Ellen DeGeneres at 47 and Ernst & Young’s global vice chair Beth Brooke at number 99.

Movie superstar Angelina Jolie, who with partner Brad Pitt has been an outspoken supporter of gay rights and same-sex marriage, was placed at number 66.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel fought off competition to be crowned the number one most powerful woman in the world, with Hillary Clinton following in second place.

The US Secretary of State has long been a supporter of LGBT rights. She made headlines in December 2011 with a speech at the UN in Geneva where she demanded global rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.Ӭ

According to Forbes, the women on the list released this week are those who ‘adhere to the traditional classifications of power (political and economic might) and those who have risen to the top of the social and cultural landscape.’

The magazine says celebrities such as Lady Gaga and Angelina Jolie were chosen because of their position as ‘role models’, with the Poker Face star recognized for not only her influential music but also her power on Twitter where she has more than 28 million followers.

Ellen DeGeneres was also chosen because of her 12 million Twitter followers, while Angelina Jolie was noted for her role as a UN ambassador.

Gay Star News readers, however, are divided on whether 26-year-old Gaga is really more powerful than the 86-year-old British monarch.

Writing on GSN’s Facebook, Wolfgang Schmitt said: ‘Not wanting to dismiss all the good Gaga does, especially around bullying – but please. Pop-star vs. head of state of 16 realms. There’s no question who wields more power.’

Twitter followers were less ready to dismiss Gaga’s global influence with @TheCurzey tweeting: ‘in a way she has more social power; she’s in constant social media contact and has fans world wide. But no real power.’

@CourtneyHammett tweeted that Gaga’s listing was deserved because the Queen was little more than a ‘beuatiful, rich figurehead’.

She said: ‘Yes, because though the queen inspires some of us, that’s literally all she does.’

To view the full list of women chosen by Forbes, click here.



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