Gay Lincoln writer Tony Kushner nominated for BAFTA award

Pulitzer-winning writer for Angels in America nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay in the British film awards

Gay Lincoln writer Tony Kushner nominated for BAFTA award
09 January 2013

Lincoln writer Tony Kushner is nominated for a British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) award.

Often seen as the British version of the Academy Awards, the gay American writer has got a nod in the Adapted Screenplay category.

Lincoln, a biopic about the USA’s 16th president starring Daniel Day-Lewis, led the awards with 10 nominations.

There is little gay interest in the rest of the shortlist. Javier Bardem, who is nominated for Best Supporting Actor, arguably played a bisexual villain in Skyfall, and The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, nominated for Outstanding British Film, has a gay sub-plot.

Speaking to GoldDerby, the writer most famous for gay play Angels In America addressed the rumors surrounding Honest Abe and whether he intentionally wrote the president as gay.

He said: ‘During this period [when Lincoln freed the slaves] I think he was beginning to feel ground to a pulp by the war and by the pressures of his job.

‘I find it difficult to believe that Lincoln was “banging anybody”. Now maybe he was. I personally believe that there is some reason to speculate that Lincoln might have been bisexual or gay.

‘There are, unfortunately, no memoirs, no diaries, nothing to say for sure.

‘I don’t say in the movie whether the Lincoln character that I wrote was gay or straight. You could ask Daniel what he was playing, but it did not seem to me a think to make a movie about now.’

Kushner added: ‘It wouldn’t be the first time that a gay man and a straight woman hooked up and had a great marriage. But I don’t know. I really don’t know. And I think that’s what we have to say about it. We keep the door open and people should talk about it.

‘I don’t feel, finally, that my politics are entirely determined by the fact that I’m a gay man.’

Kushner is also nominated in the Screenplay category in the Golden Globes.

To check out the rest of the BAFTA nominees, click here.



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