Gay London Mayor aide says ‘strange sex life’ hurt no-one

Trial of Simon Walsh heard the barrister deny owning 'extreme porn' depicting 'violent sex acts' and an image of an underage boy

Gay London Mayor aide says ‘strange sex life’ hurt no-one
07 August 2012

A gay former aide to the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, denied his ‘strange sex life’ hurt anyone, a court heard.

Barrister Simon Walsh is charged with five counts of possessing extreme porn images and one of possessing an indecent picture of an underage boy.

The photos were discovered in the 50-year-old’s email account, which he admits was used solely for sex, and included photos of violent sex acts, a jury at Kingston Crown Court was told.

Giving evidence yesterday (6 August) Walsh denied the charges, saying he doesn’t remember opening the email containing a photo of the child and didn’t know the sender, reported The Daily Mail.

He claims he hasn’t hurt anyone and ‘knows the limits’, adding that a sexually explicit photo of him and another man at a party was not pornographic and was only taken as ‘a record of what we have done.’

‘I was asked to take them by the other parties and I then sent them on to them,’ Walsh told the court.

If found guilty of possessing images of ‘extreme pornography’ which depicts an act that ‘results, or is likely to result, in serious injury’, Walsh could face a sentence of up to three years in jail.

Opening the trial last week, prosecutor Thomas Wilkins said: ‘Pornography is extreme and therefore illegal if it is grossly offensive, disgusting or otherwise obscene and shows an activity likely to cause serious injury.’

He added: ‘He is a gay man who has what he described as a strange sex life.

‘He doesn’t dispute that he uses the email account purely for his sex life.

‘He doesn’t dispute that he is interested in bondage and sadomasochism.

‘He disputes that the images are extreme or pornographic.’

The trial continues.



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